The Little I know About Brexit


Northern Ireland is inconveniently perched in the upper corner of the island of Ireland. It is a a part of the  UK.

The Republic of Ireland is a member state to the EU, independent of the UK.

Formerly the two Irelands were in a centuries long, bloody civil war. In 1998 the war was ended and the island had been at peace until Brexit came along.

During the peace, Ireland’s border is simply the coast of the Irish sea.  There has been no hard border for Northern Ireland since the peace was established.

But now the UK is attempting to leave the EU. There will be different economies and different rules for both states on the same island.

In theory The Republic of Ireland should abide by EU rules while the UK goes its own way. However  in the case of rules of customs and finance those rules must be melded into something agreeable to all parties.

That’s where we are at now and there is no agreement  and none in sight.  Politicians are looking after their own best interests.

My fear is if we reestablish a hard border to separate these two states there is a real risk of a renewal of the violence. Already one journalist has been murdered in a sectarian riot touched off by the newIRA.

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