We know quite a bit about the origins of the universe, the Big Bang. We know more about the first milliseconds after the event than we do of the billions of years that followed. We know nothing of any previous events if there were any. In the phenomenal universe we know about galaxies, solar systems, planets, comets and other objects rattling through the cosmos.

What we don’t know much about is Life itself. Where does it come from? With all of our scientific knowledge why can’t we create living matter in our laboratories?  We can see the chemistry of life at work but we cannot create life.

As far as we know, life can only be created by life, much as a fire might be built but it will not burn until  a burning fire touches it.

Life  hovers above the phenomenal world in a way that seems magical. It is a mysterious process that is unknown and perhaps unknowable.

An easier question is  “How did life come to this planet?”  Many theories have been advanced but to my knowledge the scientific community has not settled on a definitive  answer.

We know that this planet is constantly being bombarded by particles of ice and  the other jetsam of comets containing  viruses.  It is an unproved theory that these particles brought Life to our barren planet, but in the grand scheme it doesn’t matter. Even if it would be found to be true, the next question would  still have to be “How do these particles acquire their payload of life? The important question is”  what or where is the ultimate source of life?”

Yet Life is commonplace. Billions of lives are being created even as you read this.  Many of these lives are being created and destroyed by your own body.

Life is fleeting, and sometimes fragile. For every birth there is a death. A life is easy to destroy but it takes something living to create a another life.

I can’t  however,  answer any of the questions I have asked.


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