Alzheimer’s Is No Place for Sissies

About a year ago the neurologist told me I had Alzheimer’s. I had a hard time believing that because I suppose I didn’t want to believe it. I was healthy and strong with just a few indications affecting short-term memory, normal for a man of seventy.  My hair had not even turned gray.

However, as time progressed I accepted the diagnosis. At this time Alzheimer’s is more a nuisance than a problem but of course it will get worse.  At this time there is no cure and none is likely to be found in the time I have left.

There are many ways I could react to this problem. The way I have chosen is to write and to offer you a chance to comment on my descent into oblivion. The more the merrier

I am filling the home page here with short essays I have written over the course of my life and some written recently.  My life is an unfinished work as of yet.

2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Is No Place for Sissies”

  1. “When the time came for him to put the ring on her finger, he dropped it. It was rolling in a wide circle. He, the preacher and my sister were on their hands and knees scrambling to stop it before it went down the heat register that it was heading for. During the panic I slipped out and went to the reception before anyone else was there. I drank champagne until the others arrived. My sister was wearing the ring and I was pleasantly drunk.”

    Love this excerpt, particularly the last line. Well-written and artfully conjures an image of the scene and your mood.

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